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April 24, 2009
Rig Door Lettering On The Mind
Posted at 01:35 PM


It’s Friday and man, it’s been a great week. How lucky are we to be getting away with this shit? That means you!

- - - -

ANOTHER SVA STUDENT WITH “THE EYE”: Tal from Big City New York has been shooting truck doors and the incredible lettering on them. Here’s his Flickr set called, “Truck Door Lettering.” I love this shit. No pretension. Functional, with such style. Real style, you know? Some are rough, but some are absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to lock down that van I’ve been eyeballing. I’ve got my ideas ready to execute for the signage. Just you wait. Thanks, Tal. You keep up the good work, as the rest of us appreciate this stuff immensely.

- - - -

SOMETHING I RESCUED OUT OF MY EMAIL’S JUNK FILTER CATCH-ALL: Goddammit. This one almost got away. Thank god I took a run through all that junk mail. Phew. Best thing I’ve seen all week, hands down. Maybe all month.

Okay, there goes the rest of yer day if you are man enough to click this link: Uni Watch takes you on a tour of The Hopp Press grocery signage catalog, something they scored on eBay for $14.27.

You have got to be be shitting me. $14.27? It’s worth 14,270 bucks if you ask me. Get in there. Now. I’m not writing anything else about this one, and instead spending the time clicking on EVERY image they offer up in that post.

(Thanks, Cameron. Much appreciated.)

- - - -

TONIGHT JUST NORTH OF THE CITY SOME: Richard Bucker at Mississippi Studios. I’m not going because the guy is like some dynamo on stage or anything. I’m going to pay respects, and put some loot in his pocket. I love Buckner. Big bastard hasn’t let go of me since 1996 or something.

The next time you are in Minneapolis, be sure to ask Ryno about the time he saw Buckner running down University Avenue.

- - - -

FROM BRAD SIMON, JUST ACROSS THE RIVER: Portlander Brad Simon comes in way hot with this missive, “Check out these paint cans we scored from an estate sale across the street. They don‚€™t make ‚€˜em like they used to.” Man. And here’s the beauties he’s talking about. Lucky ducks. Here’s the rest of the stuff they scored. Way to go!

- - - -

DON’T KNOW WHY I’M POSTING THIS: A seemingly dangerous way to inflate a tire when mudboggin’. Good to know.

- - - -

KING OF THE BREEDS: This stuff is just getting plain ridiculous. But I fall for it each time.

(Send in by Andrew Hart, who loves dachshunds with his whole heart. Every little fiber of it.)

- - - -


01. Jawbreaker - Dear You
02. Knapsack - Day Three Of My New Life
03. Jealous Sound - Kill Them With Kindness (
04. Promise Ring - Nothing Is Good
05. Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American (First four songs only.)

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hey DDC,
was going through my dads old scout stuff and thought u may like this.enjoy.


Posted by: richard collier on 04/25/09 at 11:51 AM
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