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April 22, 2009
Weirdo Record Collectors
Posted at 12:55 PM


TONIGHT AT THE HOLLYWOOD THEATER ON SANDY BLVD: Free! Vinyl the documentary. Hollywood Theater. 7pm. Free as the wind. Put on by the good people of Jackpot Records. See you there. Pretty excited. A reason to keep going the last couple days.

- - - -

DOWN WITH “COMIC SANS,” MAN!: The creator of Comic Sans weighs in on its proliferation and the ups and downs within.

I’ve had a couple people write in over the years about my opinion of Comic Sans. I think the measure of its success is the accessibility and comfort of it. The font does its job, you know? You can’t really debate the fact that people gravitate to it, for the simple reason of picking a youthful or whimsical font. So, based on that, and the populist quality of it, I have to say that I think Mr. Connare did his job well, and I give him credit for that.

But of course, there are a million typefaces out there, and I’ll often see it in a place where, with a smidge of awareness of what other options are out there, whatever t-shirt, banner or menu could be pulled off better typographically. But then again, maybe that’s just me and you who understand/savor/debate that. The other 98 folks could care less and simply enjoy the font for what it is: A lighthearted, whimsical typeface.

I’m a Futura man, myself. And Helvetica. And Trade Gothic. And Franklin Gothic. Why? Because they are workhorses and I love things that stand the test of time.

And to the world: For fuck’s sake, please don’t use Comic Sans on hotel signage! Gulp.

- - - -

MY COPY IS ON THE WAY!: Speaking of type, my big brother Cam in New York City tipped me off to the The Typographic Desk Reference. This one will be within arm’s reach at all times in the cockpit.

- - - -

LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif I LOVE THOSE WHITE DOTS: That list of proud Field Notes retailers keeps growing! Iowa! Tennessee! South Carolina! As the Field Notes newsletter said this morning, “Our memo books are now being carried in over sixty gun shops, liquor stores, VFW Posts, garages and various other fine retail establishments.” Well put.

So proud of this stuff. Many, many thanks to Jim, Bryan, Michele, Jen and all the good people of Coudal Partners/Field Notes Midwest for believing in this stuff and working as hard as they do on it. Mountains of appreciation to all of you. Big time.

And, just wait until you see what we’ve got cookin’ up. Whoa, this stuff is going to mess you up.

- - - -

THE LATE SHIFT LAST NIGHT: Watched The Wrestler with Mr. O’Rourke. Aside from the fact that a somewhat American Hollywood Icon messed up his face with botox and all that and how weird that is, I found the movie surprisingly enjoyable and warmhearted. If you know a wrestler, give them a hug. Or an elbow to the neck. I don’t any wrestlers, so I am just going to hug Dale. There you go.

- - - -

ON THE PLAYER TODAY: Feeling Minnesota today.

01. Chooglin’ - Chooglin’ (Minneapolis, motherfuckers, Minneapolis!)
02. Hüsker Dü - Zen Arcade
03. Bellwether - Home Late
04. The Evening Rig - Never Been’r
05. Replacements - Tim

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What about Avenir? That’s one of my favs and I’m pretty sure its a tester of time too.

Posted by: Jonathan Lawrence on 04/22/09 at 6:02 PM
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