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IT’S TIME FOR ACTION: I’m in the shop today hammering on a set of wedding invites for “R+A” out there in Colorado. Gocco ink is hitting cards, and stacking up at a feverish pace. No turning back now. Looking awesome, too! Fun to be breaking a sweat on actually “making something.” 99% of what I do is sent off digitally or something, so this is a welcomed change. Gocco muscle. Blue plastic slamming like crazy all day.

- - - -

MY FIRST ART SHOW, KINDA EVER: The Wurst Gallery’s inked-up “We Heart Gocco” show from a couple years back. Had a blast making this card. Lots of people, lots of dogs, lot of gocco. My kind of night. When the next one, Jason?!

- - - -

TRYING TO HAND OFF THIS LINK WITH AS MUCH RESPECT AS POSSIBLE: Leigh and I watch a pretty heavy doc on Maushausen Concentration Camp called, Kz, about the people who guide the grisly tours there. You quickly see how the proximity of all that horrific history changes them, most often for the worst. Very, very heavy, and very, very sad. Leigh had this to say, “This the kind of thing you watch in the morning.” Too much for when it’s dark out. Agreed, lady.

- - - -

ON THE PLAYER RIGHT GODDAMN NOW: Red House Painters - Old Ramon.

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That Kz film looks fascinatingā€”just added it to my list. Years ago, I spent two weeks working at Buchenwald Kz, which is now a public memorial, museum and archive. Walking through those forests, standing and sleeping in the buildings, touching the dirt, it doesn’t leave you. Ash still in the ovens. The smell stays there. The camp was used to hold Hitler Youth after its liberation (by the prisoners themselves, no less), and we spoke with one of themā€”how a human lives with that legacy, how an entire community lives with it, is something in itself. Thanks for posting this.

Posted by: Jess S. on 04/12/09 at 12:18 PM
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