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COULDN’T GET DOWN HERE FAST ENOUGH THIS MORNING: It’s Monday and I got in at 7:23 am, fired up for the new week. I’ve got a pile of stuff going, and will be in here late hammering on things like snowboard graphics, an identity revamp, gocco cards, new ads for the upcoming shred season, Snowboard mag templates and a top-secret project I can’t wait to tell you beasts about, but have to keep my big trap shut.

Busy as hell, and just as thankful. Let’s get to work, freedom fighters!

- - - -

DAYWRECKER WARNING: 365 “Science and Tech Ads” lovingly scanned in and uploaded to Flickr for yer viewing pleasures. Be careful on this one. Could fuck yer whole morning up. Like this one and this one. We warned you.

And of course, just to taunt you a little more, I dare you to click Bustbright’s “More Sets” link: I double dog dare you.

(Sent in by Ryan Werth of Chicago, of all places.)

- - - -

A FASCINATING CURATOR OF DESIGN HISTORY, AND, SOME PAINT: Not only does Ms. McFadden maintain one of the most incredible Flickr accounts on the web, but she also paints. Please check out her beautiful, geometric paintings. Been a fan for some time now. Thank you, Ms. McFadden.

Also, check out her Vignelli set. Not to be missed.

She’s one of the gems of the Northwest! (Sent in by Mr. Sturgill.)

- - - -

“A PURCHASE I’M LOOKING INTO” STARTING RIGHT NOW: A drying rack for Gocco, and other wet things.

- - - -

THIS ONE IS FOR JESS: Jes, where you been? Goddammit. Check this one out: The Museum of Extinct Video Recorders and Accessories. Lovingly ripped off from the Coudal Partners daily offering of exciting hyper text links.

- - - -

SPECIAL GODDAMN THANKS TO: Everyone who bought some DDC Merch the last 10 days. A steady stream of believers, supporting what we do. Much appreciated. Hope everything is working out there across the land.

All orders that come in today get a free “mystery package” of “items of intrigue.” You feeling lucky? Buy some DDC Merch today and prepare to have yer world expanded, twisted up, flipped over and jarred when that package shows up.

- - - -

01. Flaming Lips - Clouds Taste Metallic
02. The Hold Steady - Almost Killed Me & Separation Sunday
03. Bill Callahan - Sometimes I Wish I Were An Eagle

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great links,

i also have a nice collection of vignelli stuff on flickr with descriptions from one of his books


Posted by: Talizmatik on 04/13/09 at 11:38 AM


Posted by: Jess on 04/13/09 at 11:51 AM

I don’t have much extra scratch these days but you got me hooked. My one DDC pen is lonely so I ordered it a friend. Can’t wait for mystery.

Posted by: Derek Schille on 04/13/09 at 11:53 AM
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