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April 07, 2009
Straight Outta Skykomish
Posted at 10:45 PM


Made it outta Skykomish earlier this afternoon. Headed down to Seattle to sit in traffic.

All in all, a good little hangout session up there. Getting together is so important. It’s such a good chance to hear what’s going down out there, catch up on all the hearsay, the trends, the ups, the downs, differing opinions, victories, mistakes…all of it is good to mull over as a big team. It was great to hang with reps from all over the nation and world. Chris from Sacto. Graves from Colorado. Emmet from Minnesota. Joni from Finland. Good group of fellas, doing a hell of a job for Union, Coal and Capita.

Although, Sweaty from Seattle was eyeballin’ me the whole time. Tell you what, sparks: “You come down to Portland, and I’ll rip yer face off.” Put that one in yer pipe and toke it. There you go.

As C3’s Gumby said, “I am glad we get to do this. Thanks for coming up, guys.”

Indeed. Feeling very lucky to be able to work for the guys I get to work for, and the opportunities within. I mean, these guys are animals for the most part, and that’s what makes them golden. They got the smarts to make their projects work, and the guts to do exactly what the hell they want. My kinda people.

I hightailed it outta Stevens Pass and Skykomish right around 2 p.m. and enjoyed a smooth ride back down to the Seattle metro area, where I got caught in traffic, and would like to offer up a big, meaty middle finger to the State of Washington traffic planning big cheeses. Christ almighty. Argh.

- - - -

ONLY ONE STOP IN SEATTLE WHILE PASSING THROUGH: The Greenwood Space Travel Co. which carries Field Notes!

- - - -

THE LAST YOU’LL HEAR OF “SKYKOMISH”: Something we found when we did a search for “Skykomish” earlier. Bad ass.

- - - -

TOMORROW NIGHT, YOU MOUTH BREATHERS: Yow at PNCA. Way excited for this one.

- - - -

FROM A GUY WHO CALLS HIMSELF, “DOUBLE CHEESE”: “Little Red Riding Hood” reinterpreted. I’ll bet this one has been all over the web, but, I wouldn’t know as i’ve been high up in the Cascades, fighting it out. Hmmm. “Double Cheese.” I like the way that sounds. “Yo, Double Cheese, thanks for the link, man!”

- - - -

ONE OF THE GREATEST NAMES IN THE BUSINESS: Don Guss comes in with an email that says, “Lables I like.” An incredible collection. Thanks, Don. I pulled out the top four of the bunch, and here you go.

02. “Filson.”
03. “Pendleton.”
04. “Field Stream.”

There Are 2 Comments

Hah! I finally sent you something you haven’t seen…. And, oh Draplin of the short memory, you were the one that addressed a wonderful package of Union and Field Notes goodies to “Double Cheese” and thus the moniker was born. Room mates are still calling me that. Mucho appreciated.

Posted by: Double-Cheese on 04/08/09 at 10:17 AM

yeah man. it was good to hang with you too. hit me up next time you hit sacto. take care !


p.s. thanks for the hair organizer. can’t wait to see the jazz shoes.

Posted by: Chris Wilmoth on 04/14/09 at 3:30 PM
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