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Spent the day cruising around Reno, seeing all we could see.

- Cruised up and down Virginia Avenue a handful of times.
- Cruised up and down 4th Avenue a couple times.
- Cruised up and down Kietze Avenue a couple times.
- Went out towards the airport.
- Down some alleys.
- Had lunch at a place called, “Süp.” Umlaut = Irreverent.
- Wander out into the ‘burbs some.
- Hit “Recycled Records” and flipped through the goods.
- Avoided the stares of old, sunburned drifters.
- Creeped past Nakamoto’s childhood home.
- Paraded the “World’s Longest Dachshund” through the “Biggest Little City in the World.”

And then, feeling that we exhausted the city, we spotted an on ramp for I-80 to Sacramento and hit the road west, cutting California’s top third off. Just like that. Sure, we had plans of staying in Reno longer, but, we saw a lot of it, and just decided to split. That’s how it goes. Gotta go with yer gut.

We shot down to Sacramento in a flash, and into that oddly comfortable downtown grid for some record shopping at Rare Records, R5 records and The Beat. Flipped through a mountain of vinyl. Thank you to Leigh for supreme patience.

With a stack of records in the back seat, we found that I-80 and hopped on it again, and continued west all the way to the “City by the Bay”: San Francisco.

Through Berkeley, and across the Oakland Bridge and into that big, wild city. We did a couple laps, enjoying the inclines, city lights and festive locals. So many people, so many places.

The we headed up north and caught the Golden Gate bridges over to the oceanside hamlet of Sausalito where we found a little hotel and bedded down for the night. Had to get rested up for a “big day in the city” the following day.

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