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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 30, 2009
Back In The Cockpit
Posted at 03:04 PM


Back at it. From one cockpit to another.

Martino comes in tomorrow from Northern Italy, and we’ll be working on Union all week long.

- - - -

MR. JONES, YOU WERE VERY, VERY RIGHT: Phineas X. Jones comes in real hot with this missive, “I shot this logo off the autopress at the print studio I use. Then realized it might be the kind of thing you’d appreciate a view of.” Yep. Spot on. Thank you.

- - - -

INCREDIBLE, COLORFUL ILLUSTRATIONS YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS: A very, very out-of-print Clymer Repair Manual sent in by Portland’s very own Andy Hugelier. Thanks, man. Just what we needed. Come by the shop for a few choice words, and bring your torso. We got a free t-shirt for you for sending this link. That’s how we do it. Wow.

- - - -

LOVEJOY, YOU NEED TO CONTACT THIS GUY, AND QUICK: DIRTY BOMBS, MAYBE: Mark Soliday sent this incredible Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab deal in and we feel blown away. Radiated. Go back a step and check out the “Atomic Toys” gallery. How could something as ferociously scary as nuclear war be so, uh, fun? Yikes. Unsettling shit, when you try to wrap yer thinker around it. It fucked me up pretty good in 1983, and continues to mess with me in 2009. Phew.

There is One Comment

Been reading the blog for a couple years now and always enjoy the daily inspiration. Gonna be in your fair city this weekend and would love your take on “must sees” and maybe more importantly “musn’t sees”. Also, been really enjoying my field notes.

Much appreciated,

-austin in mpls

Posted by: Austin on 03/31/09 at 6:41 AM
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