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March 22, 2009
Sometimes It's A Bust
Posted at 12:18 PM


Battle Ground was a bust. All that way, all that excitement. A big ol’ bust.

An old farm crawling with staring patrons, baby clothes, “Precious Moments” figurines, broken tools, unused craft supplies and a couple other things worth passing over. Dale got a couple old photo album books that he planned on displaying his collection of beer labels in. A good plan.

We tried. Sometimes it’s a bust. You never know.

- - - -

THIS IS JUST PLAIN “BEAUTIFUL.”: An old Russian matchbox label. Just one was the growing “Matchbox Labels” Flickr set we keep going back to time and time again. I have 6,000 of these, and I thought I had a hell of a collection. Little did I know. There are so many more out there that continue to blow my little mind.

- - - -

A WORD WE LIKE ALOT: “PALINDROMES”: And a flickr set that illustrates what the word means. Great, great set. Makes me want to go drive, stop, and look at cool stuff.

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