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March 15, 2009
Beer Nuts
Posted at 11:59 PM


We hit up a breweriana get-together down off Johnson Creek road. Middle-aged beer drinkers hawking old beer cans, posters, display units and other sudsy bric-a-brac. We made a quick pass, shook some hands, had a hot dog and split. Good people. We shoulda stayed. At a VFW hall. Lots of friendly smiles and cold beer. I’m not too much of a beer drinker, but man, after some thought, I might just become one, just so I can join their kick-ass group.

I smell a membership to a F.O.E., Moose Lodge or VFW Hall coming up, and soon. Jess had this to say about a possible membership, “Not yet. We’ve got a lot of time until we step to that.” I’ll leave it at that.

- - - -

BIT THE DUST: Ryno back in Minneapolis used to have a hell of a beer bottle collection, until his woman up and made him honest and respectable. Goddammit. Bigger they are, harder they fall.

- - - -

BURRRRP: Here’s a nicely-shot collection of old beer cans sent in by Brent Couchman, using digital means.

- - - -

KING OF THE BREEDS: Couchman, again. An old beer can with a long dog on it. Can’t go wrong with this one. Really.

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