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Finally got to “walk the show” today, and really check out all the new work and gear. Lots of cool stuff to be seen, and lots of chumpy shit too. Incredible, really, at what folks will try to sell.

Goo, Dave and I met up after bouncing around for a couple hours, and headed out of the show and to the tables one last time. Now, last night, after many spins of that roulette wheel, well, I came out with lighter pockets. So I tried one last time today, and got up a couple hundred bucks, and then hit the big one.

I hit that motherfuckin’ 34 with 40 bucks on it! That’s a $1400 payout!

I about died. That’s my new record for one hand. For one bet.

So dirty.

I mean, all of it. Just so goddamned wrong. Throwing money away. Winning. Losing. Hoping. Tempting the fates. Gambling. Defies everything I was taught in my 35 years. Just dumb. All of it.

But fun in a wicked, nasty, fucked way. Once-a-year kinda thing. That $1400 put me back up to about even, or a little above, or a little below. Don’t know which, and don’t care. It was just nice to hit that number one time, and hit it big. Needed that for the memory bank. A good way to end the trip.

We caught cabs out to the airport, boarded flights and left Vegas way behind us.

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Just another reason why Minneapolis has an incredible design scene: Eight Hour Day. Big talent. (Thanks to all the friends of Gary who sent this link in. There were like seven of you furballs! Ruff!)

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HUBBA, HUBBA: The Red Flannel Town of Cedar Springs, Michigan. Back in my home state, back in the day. Sent in by the good people of Bulldog Vintage. Lots and lots of cool, old stuff to see when you get clickin’ around. Have at it, people.

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