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I hung out this morning with George and Brad, putting the finishing touches on the Union and Coal booths. Everything is looking good and ready for the big show tomorrow.

Progress was slow in the booths. You know, you just see too many friends whizzing by, so you stop all work and shoot the shit and catch up on snow reports, how old their kids are, where they are “at”, etc. Good stuff. Some of these folks, I’ve known for 15 years, ever since I got out west 1993, green and wide-eyed.

THE DAY’S HIGHLIGHT: Dinner with our friends from Dakine in Hood River at Robert Deniro’s joint, “Ago.” It’s a new place. I could just picture Deniro up on a ladder installing a lightbulb or painting or something a month back. Maybe not. I got the “spaghetti and meatballs” and walked away a little slower than usual.

- - - -

THIS PLACE HAS REALLY GONE TO SHIT: You can’t even see “Binion’s Million Dollar Display” without having to pay for it. Dumb. So I’m showing it above for free. There you go.

- - - -

KING OF THE BREEDS: Alex Ehlen of the great state of Minnesota comes in with a dachshund poster made by the great Shigeo Fukuda.
Incredible. A moment of silence for Mr. Fukuda, who recently passed, ” .”

- - - -

LOTS OF PIXELS: The guy who made the gigantic inauguration moment photo spills the beans on how he did it. (Via Coudal.com.)

- - - -

JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER: Obama and the Presidential Record Collction in the White House basement. (Via Coudal.com, of course.)

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