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January 18, 2009
DDC vs. DC - Day 04 / "Mall Rock"
Posted at 11:44 PM


When you are messing around with 750,000 concert-goers, well, you have to kinda plan ahead. We did our damnedest to get over to the Mall to get a jump on things, and of course, things were tight, slow and oddly orderly. I mean, that number is just staggering to me. To everyone there, too.

We hiked over, got channeled into a right hand lane that slow packed in like sardines a good 1/4 mile from the stage.

Some highlights from the “We Are One” concert:

- The Boss singing “The Rising.”
- The Coug singing “Little Pink Houses.”
- Jack Black playing by the rules, which was tough.
- Tom Hanks, and people yelling “Forrrrrrest!”
- Stevie Wonder. I mean, come on. Stevie forever.
- Seeing the beefed-up presidential helicopter bringing the Obamas in.
- U2’s contained version of “In the Name of Love.”
- Steve Carell.
- Singing “This Land is Your Land” with Pete Seeger.
- Cheers for Obama.
- Obama’s presence.
- Obama’s staggering words.

Leigh loved James Taylor, and she’d like to remind you to “Shower the people you love with love.” He would too.

And who the fuck is Josh Groban, and, why am I such a dick? Hard questions.

The show ended, and like good cattle, everyone peacefully made their way back to homes and hotels. We walked all the way up to “U Street” where we found “Som Records” and picked up a little stack. And this being DC, the onle and only Ian Svenonius was in there shooting the shit with the proprietor. I never was a Nation of Ulysses guy, and walked right the hell out of a couple of The Make-Up shows, but, due give it up for the guy. He’s right up there with the D.C. punk legends, and I’m a fan, and this is the kind of shit that really blows my skirt up. Bravo.

We hoofed it around with tired feet and cold noses. After many miles, neighborhoods and villages, we found our way back to G street and 11th SE, and the happy, warm home of Seth and Katie Halbert.

Here’s some shots from the day: DDC vs. DC, Day 04

There is One Comment

Yep, the positive crowd (and really, with that many people and that cold, we had every reason to be frustrated, but we weren’t), Obama’s consistent forward-looking attitude, and Pete Seeger’s “This Land” — it was the beginning of three days to remember forever.


Posted by: Phillip on 01/28/09 at 6:55 AM
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