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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 09, 2009
Posted at 08:44 PM


Here was the best part about today: I got to hang with Pat Bridges for a bit.

And James Sullivan. And Ryan from Volcom. And Jenner. And Bud. And Dan and Dingo. And Mandreas from Norway. And fuckin’ Ninja! And Taylor her hubby Seth, who’s last name is “Quackenbush” and I gotta say, we’re always cool with remnants of Dutch Royalty. One more time: Quackenbush. So good. Just rolls off the tongue.

Paddock, you Vermont ursus, the next time I step foot on this soil, I’ll be at your side. A promise.

- - - -

BATTLING THE ELEMENTS OUT HERE: Took a nice nature walk over to the contest location, which more or less translates to: “I missed my ride with the boys earlier that morning.” I was on a snowmobile trail walking through the woods and man, it was winter all around me, so beautiful, cold and quiet. Halfway, in the wilderness, I almost gave up and just laid down to die. Then I realized I had “open projects back in Portland” and had to fight hard to keep going.

Barely made it. Celebrated my new life over an expensive hot-cocoa in the lodge.

- - - -

FUCKING VIGNELLI: I had a professor in Minneapolis who went on a rant about Mossimo Vignelli and after a firey diatribe he end the rant with, “Fucking Vignelli.” Personally, I liked the work. Loved it. He’s got some interesting opinions on design, and whether or not I agreed, or comprehended the stuff, I always like the work. Here’s a nice Vignelli Flickr collection from the incredible Alki1 Flickr empire.

- - - -

JUST TO THE NORTH A BIT: An old Central Vermont Railway Co. ticket stub.

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