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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 08, 2009
Very Vermont
Posted at 11:44 PM


Man, it’s cold up here. West Dover, Vermont. Mount Snow. Big lodge by the mountain. Nice and warm. With good buddies.

We got a nice room and everything. Lots of towels. Kitchenette. I’m on the fold-out Murphy bed, and man, I’m keeping things “real gross” under those sheets. Just for the record.

- - - -


J Mascis on the drums. From Brattleboro! I like ‘em even more now, thinking about these guys living in Brattleboro, and scaring all the locals or whatever. Beautiful little town, quaint and all that.

- - - -

RIGHT THERE WITH THIS ONE: “Work is Play / Play is Work.”

- - - -

RIGHT THERE WITH THIS ONE, TOO: “Harsh Words For Graphic Designers.”

Something to think about. Both ways. Although, I’d argue some design does change world. Tiny amounts. Tibor Kalman is the guy that comes to mind instantly. I don’t even think of his Colors stuff as a Benetton product, but more of a “global awareness” thing. Those magazines definitely opened my eyes to the reality of “the rest of the world.” Moving stuff for a guy with blinders on to so much. Yeah, Tibor. The rest of us, or, hell, I’ll just speak for myself…it’s just landfill, more or less. Bit of a downer, eh? Sorry. The key is to creatively think up ways to stretch this stuff in new realms. Right?

You gotta think about all sides of this stuff. I get lost in it pretty easily. Sometimes I just gotta slap myself and go, “Get a grip, man. Work hard, do a good job, and be thankful for every second of it.” Daily.

I remember reading something about a guy who just walked out on his advertising job. He was done with it. He just gave it all up, dropped out and moved to the woods. I still think about that one from time to time.

Too many tangents. Must be the sub zero temperatures here in Vermont-ville. Sorry.

There is One Comment

We’ve done some camping and kayaking in Brattleboro — great place. We saw our best cluster of Cedar Waxwings there, in fact! It reminds me a lot of The County — really cool locals, who hide out from tourists. There’s a neat renegade allergy-attack-inducing bookstore, and, of course, make a stop in McNeill’s Brewery if you can. Good older local folk and an atmosphere that will compliment your mess under the sheets.

P.S. I know it’s cold, but keep a watchful eye out for the nudists down by the river. They like to read the paper and drink their coffee there.

Posted by: Madeline on 01/10/09 at 8:03 AM
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