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We flew back this morning, leaving the Capital at 3:00 am. Leigh set up a shuttle that whisked us back up to Baltimore in a flash. We jumped three flights back to Portland. DC to Detroit. Detroit to Minneapolis. Minneapolis to Garyland. Packed flights, all of them.

As things wind down, one thing we’re debating was whether or not we “enhanced” our inaugural experience by being there in the flesh. I mean, sure, it was incredible to be present, but shit, we vegged out on some CNN last night and I have to say, to be able to see facial expressions and all the shit up close on the tube, just might’ve been a better experience. Braving the just-about-frustrating crowds and walking for miles didn’t enhance a goddamn thing.

So I’m torn. Just a bit. Now, upon reflection, I don’t feel so bad about not being at Obama acceptance speech in Chicago on election night. It was just exciting to watch it on the tube election night.

Watching him walk down Pennsylvania Avenue with Michele is something I won’t soon forget. But that was on the tube. It was like, the last time you’d see them human and partially accessible to the rest of us. We couldn’t get into the parade route, which was tightly controlled with security and tickets and shit.

So, all in all, I’m glad I was there to be a part of that moment, but, the only thing I’ll remember is the giant in front of me and his wool overcoat. Goddamn Hi-Def TV just kinda beats out the real thing, when you factor in all the haste of the crowds, security and all that.

Plus, one more thing to comment on is the souvenir scene this last week. You know, I think I could’ve gotten myself to pop for a couple Obama trinkets, if only the graphics were better. Old story, sure. I mean, shit, over-photoshopped hunks of shit with horrible type. Like a “contemporary” postcard in a truck stop. Half-ass reproductions of the Shepherd Fairey stuff. The only thing that stood out to Leigh and I was the “Obama bedazzler” shirts. You’ll see them soon enough. Everything else, frankly, was a let down.

My favorite stuff is still the MoveOn.org stuff.
They did a pretty good job with their materials, and I could stomach the solutions for the most part, and of course, none of that shit surfaced in DC while we were there. For fuck’s sake, just keep it simple. Or don’t do it at all. Argh.

Here’s the shirt Derek Schille wants. Ha. Awesome.

We’re back and safe, and proud, and relieved.

Let’s see if the man can shape things like up, like we hope he can. Like all public officials, I expect nothing but the best from President Obama. He got my vote. Now it’s up to him to deliver.

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That shirt is hilarious. Wonder where one could snag one at!?

Posted by: Shelby White on 01/22/09 at 11:06 PM

Great to read this account of being there (I wasn’t there, and I’m from/in the UK). It looked really cold (temperature) on the TV too. Brrr!

That was all I was going to comment, but, totally off-topic - I’ve got to also ask if you’re aware how very small the text on this page is? I’m at work, using Firefox 3.05 on a PC, and the font is tiny on your site (gotta be by accident!) I can send you a screenshot image if you need to see what I mean. My eyesight is good and I’m squinting to read it. I haven’t remarked about it before now because I usually read your posts in Google Raeader. Aside all that, I liked reading your article :)

Posted by: Matt Robin on 01/23/09 at 6:58 AM
Posted by: Peter Baker on 01/23/09 at 6:02 PM

Hey Draplin, Don’t beat yourself up over the debate of being there or not. I watched it from home and the whole time was kicking myself for not getting off my ass and being there. like you. It was a kind of comfort to know that you were there, that you’d post some no BS insights from the ground and we’d all get to live it a little bit through you. I’m still jealous.

Posted by: Andrius SImutis on 01/24/09 at 11:41 AM

I know how you feel. I live in DC and had a ticket to the Blue section. After waiting for three hours, I was turned away. I ended up going back to my office three blocks from the Capitol building and watching on the big screen there. We had opened our doors so the place was packed with similarly shut-out strangers. It was actually kind of nice to help people out, offer them hot cocoa, a working toilet and a place to warm up. I think I value that more than I would have valued being on the Mall.

And yeah… I definitely passed on the trinkets. I don’t care if they were “historic” or not. They majority were flat-out fug.

Posted by: rumble on 01/25/09 at 10:35 AM
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