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December 26, 2008
Gunning For Bingos
Posted at 11:40 PM


Been doing a whole lot of nothing these last bunch of days. Setting records, really. No output. No input. No nothing. Whole new low.

Stuff like this:

01. Scrabble games with Mom. Getting whooped real bad.
02. Couch time.
03. Sleeping way in.
04. Staying up pretty late.
05. Meals with Mom and Dad.
06. Avoiding life.

- - - -

Rob Bosworth comes in out of the cold and tells us about Rheingold beer. “You guys will like this,” is wht he had to say. Here’s what he was raving about: Rheingold Beer. Nicely done. Bravo. Good type. Nice colors. Nice restraint.

I’d love to tear into some beer packaging. Lots of cool real estate to play with. Damn.

Leigh’s got a friend back home here who’s a winemaker with a vineyard and everything, traveling the world, making wine, all of it. Sean O’Keefe is his name, and Chateau Grand Traverse is his family winery. If I play my cards right, I’ll be doing some wine bottles in 2009. Pretty excited to help out.

And for the record, if it wasn’t for Leigh, I’d still be in the gutter, near death, and worth a shit.

- - - -

ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING: There’s some great stuff on there. Lovely Package. Smart solutions.

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