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December 29, 2008
Pushing Off Towards The West
Posted at 08:41 AM


Leigh and I pushed off today after a hearty meal from China Fair on South Airport road. Mom, Dad, Mr. McKolay, Mrs. McKolay and Leigh’s little sister Kristen joined us and saw us off. We shot down to Grand Rapids in record time, pulling into Vertigo records for a quick pass through the inventory. Always gotta stop there. Great record store, with lots of history.

Once we got around the “Gary Curve” and into Illinois we just sorta “kept on going into the night.” The roads were dry, so we took advantage of the smooth sailing. We got across Illinois that night, all the way to the Mississippi River and pulled off on the Iowa side, hitting the sack in a Comfort Inn or something.

- - - -

THIS LINK SHOWED UP A COUPLE DAYS BACK: I’m a lucky guy. I get sent a lot of cool links from cool, colorful characters. And every now and again, a link comes in that really freaks me out, cuz frankly, I find myself feeling a little uncomfortable at how much I agree with what they are saying, or love all the bands they are talking about, or whatever. Well, here’s one of those times, and if you know what is good for you, you’ll check out Mr Peddycoat’s treasures at: Things I Found At The Thrift Store.

The guy’s got a lot going for him. Good eye in the second hand stores, good tunes on the player and he lives in Minneapolis. We’re down with all of that.

- - - -

POOR DETROIT: As if things weren’t rough enough in the Motor City, and those Detroit Lions go the whole season without winning one game. I’m not a sports guy, and could give a fuck less about the Redwings or the Pistons or whatever. But come on, just win one for the city. Just one. For the fans.

Bailouts, Kid Rock, and now this? Poor Detroit.

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