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December 30, 2008
Record Store Tour
Posted at 11:14 PM


Today was cool. Three record stores in one day. So awesome.

First we hit Record Collector in Iowa city.

Then we hit Antiquarian records in Omaha. Great store, great, fair prices. Picked up a stack of treasures I should have bought in the goddamned ’90s, but instead opted for the disc version. They don’t have a web site, and I don’t think they care. Great all around. A “must stop” joint.

Then, after supper at a restaurant in downtown Lincoln, we hit Recycled Sounds and picked up a couple more goodies. Great record store.

Three Midwestern record stores in one day. So good.

We had big plans about driving late into the night out into Central Nebraska, but that idea shitted out when we saw a hotel on the edge of town and pulled off and called it a night. Five degrees out or something. Cold as hell.

- - - -

WILD VINYL: Leigh’s got an eye for the peculiar. Check out some of the records that caught her eye today.

- - - -

This book comes heavily recommended by Mike “Midnight Sun” Kirkpatrick of Anchorage, Alas. Here’s what he had to say about it: “Our family spent the weekend at my buddy’s farm in Palmer and he had this book on his coffee table. The photography is AMAZING and the subject is something near and dear to my heart.”

If Kirkpatrick backs it, then we back it. Easy as that. This book is on my wish list, near the top.

Here’s the photographer, Paul Mobley. Beautiful stuff.

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