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Draplin Design Co., North America


It’s been big year for a lots of reasons:

- Good projects all year long.
- A new shop down by the river.
- Getting out of the basment.

With some changes to wrastle:

- Partners to answer to.
- Partners to work with on new stuff.
- New clients with new projects.
- A little less time spent in the production department.

Which gave me more time to focus on stuff like:

- Field Notes
- That goddammed documentary. Coming “sometime” in 2009.
- Setting up the new shop.
- Trying like hell to keep Lovejoy way busy all fiscal year.
- Hunting down the vinyl.
- Thinking up, producing and hawking new DDC Merch.

And of course, I’m trying to plan up one hell of a 2009. January is turning out to be a real barnburner, that stokes the fires of many different areas of my life:

- Roadtrip: A hellish drive across the nation.
- Bucolic Villages: Possible trip to Vermont to work.
- Arts & Crafts: Big night out in Bend for Yamada’s skatepark.
- Gluttony: One final tradeshow in Las Vegas.
- Internationalism: IPSO tradeshow in Munich. Maybe.

- - - -

APPRECIATION, PRIDE AND ORANGE STUFF: It’s been a big year for DDC Merch. I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting all this stuff. I mean , really. Luckiest guy ever.

I updated the DDC Merch gallery with some wild characters, so be sure to take a pass through it, to check out all the proud customers. Family, more or less. Thanks.

- - - -

DAY LATE, DOLLAR SHORT: The “Christmasville” Flickr set from Neato Coolville.

- - - -

SHOULD’VE LINKED THIS ONE YESTERDAY: “What Christmas looked like a long time ago, way before our time.”

- - - -

BOTTLE CAPS: Here’s a great Flickr set called, “Milkman, keep those bottles quiet.” Go through each and every one of them. My buddy John from Illinois sent me a pile six months back and man, I still flip through them every couple days. So good. (Sent in by the good people of Annyas.com.)

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keep me abreast of your VT travel plans. Would be nice to hang if you make it to Burlington.

Posted by: paddock on 12/29/08 at 7:31 AM
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