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Flying back to Michigan tomorrow. Back to mom and dad’s couch for the final week of the Holi-daze season. Gonna be on “shoveling duty” the whole time I’m there. That and “couch patrol.” Wish I could take Gary back. Leah’s gonna watch over the little man while I’m gone. Leigh flies in on Sunday. It’ll be good to have her around her people for a spell. That’s the latest.

- - - -

SIGHS OF RELIEFS: The Coal and Union books finally showed up from lands far away, and man, much relief is felt. Everything turned out okay, and shit, if I could, I’d post up some snaps of ‘em right away. But I can’t just yet. Way proud of this year’s output. Always am.

- - - -

DAYWRECKER WARNING: Be careful with this one. Make sure both hands are on the wheel. Check the rearview mirror. All the books from, well, forever, I think. Just start with “Popular Science Magazines from 1940” and then go from there. Our stock just went way down. Productivity? Scant at best. (Sent in by Chris from the Netherlands.)

- - - -

SCORPION BITE: Jeff Archer marches right up to us and says, “Have you guys seen this?” Our reply is, “No, wait, maybe, shit, can’t remember, but, hell, sure is nice.” Things were just better back then.

- - - -

489 REASONS TO WANT TO GO BACK IN TIME: A Flickr set called, “Paper Emphera” that will blow yer gourd. It blew Dale’s. Enough for him to get up off his goddamn keester and send them sonofabitches on into the DDC.

This one is for Burlesque Mike: One called, “Marineland, Los Angeles.”

This one is for “people who know a good thing when they see it”: “Motel Mistral.”

- - - -

FROM MR. BAKER IN NYC: Here’s a logo that stopped me dead in my tracks this morning. Check that little flag.

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Holy debilitation Draplin.
Thank you very much for posting the Pop Science collection. Destroyer of time - maybe. Inspiration provider - without a doubt. Awesome.

Posted by: Gerard on 12/17/08 at 11:29 AM

Wow amazing how Futura was used by so many advertisers back then, and so clean. I inherited Futura from the previous art director at my 9-5 and man I’ve fallen in love with it, especially after the great example set by Mr. Draplin here.

Posted by: Alan on 12/18/08 at 8:23 AM

Marineland! Ha! Where do I buy my ticket?

Posted by: Mike Davis on 12/21/08 at 7:18 AM
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