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December 09, 2008
Hey, 1967: You Were It.
Posted at 11:25 AM


THE EVOLUTION OF MOVIE LOGOS: The Story Behind Hollywood Studio Logos. There’s just something about the ’60s, and the whole corporate refinement thing” going on. So clean, so mean. The ’80s fucked it all up. But you know, all the logos in this one are good. Maybe because they are comfortable, and they evoke this sense of excitement in me at the mere sight of them. The beginning of a movie is the funnest part. Salivating, checking the opening titles, checking the kerning, etc. (Via Mr. Glass of Ohio.)

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REQUIRED VIEWING: Sol Sender let’s it all out. He’s the guy who designed Obama’s logo. Hey Sol, way to go, man. Bravo. Incredible. (Sent in by my MCAD buddy Matt Stiffler, who not only works for VSA too, but does all kinds of other awesome stuff. Thanks, Matt, and remember to look both ways on when crossing those crazy Chicago streets.)

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NO DEPRESSION, OR, JUST A LITTLE: Was just here. Maybe you were too. Depression Press has some amazing Flickr sets going. All are recommend, but we’re thinking you should start with (Sent in by

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THESE GUYS HOPE THE WORLD WILL BE GREEN IN THE FUTURE: All of us at the DDC, well, we’re hoping for “Orange.” Get a load of this cool pencil set/container deal.

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That Depression Press stuff? FUCKIN’ A. Gold mine.

Posted by: Tim Lahan on 12/10/08 at 6:12 PM
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