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December 03, 2008
Doubles, Man, Doubles
Posted at 09:49 PM


Eight hours in a good, honest work day? Shit. Try 16. Been working doubles for the last month straight. Man. Gross.

- - - -

ABSOLUTELY UNDRINKABLE: But it did have nice type. A pretty serious Tab Flickr deal that’s got just about everything Tab.

- - - -

A MONSTER GALLERY: Tons of Tab cans.

- - - -

THERE GOES ANOTHER 15 MINUTES OF YER LIFE: Tons of beautiful “The End” titles.

I can’t remember if I’ve been here, and, for some reason, I think I have, but then again, I don’t really care, as, you shouldn’t either, as, this is one you should be going back to, over and over. Way too many commas.

- - - -

ONE MAN’S SPACE JUNK IS ANOTHER’S SPACE TREASURE: Konichiwa Bendall comes in with a link that just might be the greatest thing I’ve seen all week. And we’re only at Wednesday. Wow. With that, check out the “Space Punching Bag.” Great, great stuff.

- - - -

KINDA BEAUTIFUL, KINDA SAD: The layers of an old sign, and advertising long, long forgotten.

- - - -

FROM BILL ZINDEL OF THE AMAZING WICKED COBRA: A jaw-dropping set of 45 covers. Get in there.

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Surely there’s a place in hell for people who circulate videos like this, but the Gary cred has to count for something.


Ashley and I might try to give you a call this evening. Hope that’s cool. Have a good weekend!

Posted by: Robert B. on 12/05/08 at 12:15 PM
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