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December 08, 2008
Whole Lotta Dale
Posted at 04:46 PM


X & 29: Mule at Sneaky Dee’s, 1994. My favorite Detroit band of all goddamn time. Hey Kid Rock: Go fuck yerself. (Heartfelt thanks to Dale for sending this one in, you Michigan Spartan.)

- - - -

WEINER DOG, WEINER DOG, WEINER DOG, WEINER DOG, DACHSHUND, WOOF WOOF, WEEEEEIIIIINNNNNERRRRR DAWWWWWWWG: I usually cringe at this kind of stuff, but man, Gary got a shot in it, so you know, I gotta post it: Cute attack. If you are feeling ambitious, make it through the thing to the halfway point to see the little man, his leash and ball.

And for the record, Gary’s breath, “…smells like dead night crawlers.” Dale owns that quote, and man, he’s right on the money.

- - - -

IN DALE WE TRUST: And here’s Dale as a youngling. Good God. Holy Michigan. Cute little bugger.

- - - -

I ASKED DALE, “HEY, I NEED A NEW BLUES GUY ON THE PLAYER”: And Bukka White was the guy he told me to go after.

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“Hey Kid Rock: Go fuck yerself.”


Posted by: Sarah on 12/11/08 at 3:43 AM
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