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December 24, 2008
Snowball's Chance In Hell
Posted at 06:13 PM


SUSTAINABILITY, ALRIGHT: A good use for a old truck hood.

(This one was sent in by Dan Mac, who’s got “the eye” when it comes to ferreting out cool shit.)

- - - -

AFTER RISKING MY LIFE YESTERDAY, ALL DAY, IT SURE IS GOOD TO KNOW STUFF LIKE THIS EXISTS: 1960 Crooked Gambling Supplies Catalog. Get in there, and go through EVERY page. So good.

And Nakamoto, you Reno-encrusted prick, you better visit this page, and visit it good: Dice Calipers!

(This was sent in by Christian of annyas.com. Great stuff, man, great stuff.)

- - - -

HE’S MAKING A LIST, AND HE’S SCARY AS SHIT: A St. Nick likeness that I won’t be forgetting any time soon. Yeesh. Imagine that thing coming down the chimney.

- - - -

YOU KNOW HOW YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO “SPEND TIME WITH THE FAMILY” AND SHIT ON CHRISTMAS EVE?: Well, fuck all that and dig way deep into this one. I went through every page. Insane. Layer upon layer of wonder, amazement and greatness. Plus, who doesn’t just love the word, “Novelty.”

Oh yeah, here’s the link: “1944 Johnson Smith Catalog”

- - - -


I’ve got my lazy eye on the “DeLuxe Billfold” on page 32.

Oh man. Anything from this page, too. Wow.

Okay, one last one. Everything on page 55. All of it.

There is One Comment

I’m digging your little interview on the change of signs at the motel! Dropping F bombs like the wind… as you should. Fuck ya’ dude, that new sign is seriously bunk man. Just another example of the sad degradation of America and its former high standards, even in something simple as a motel sign. Makes me feel cold and alone!

Posted by: Street. aka Jonathan Dayton on 12/27/08 at 8:03 PM
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