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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 13, 2008
Northwest Calling: Henry Owings
Posted at 09:37 AM


Henry’s coming to town. From Chunklet. Known in circles as the “meanest guy in rock,” we’re here to testify that he’s anything but. Sure, Chunklet likes to ham it up a bit and call it like it is, but, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice Henry was, after confronting him at Bonnaroo a couple summers back. I walked right up to the guy—while he was mixing it up with a couple groupies—and said, “Excuse me fellas, don’t want any trouble. My name’s Aaron Draplin, and I’m a big fan of what you do.”

And Henry replied, “What are you doing here?!” I didn’t know if I was in trouble, or breaking some Southern law or who knows what.

Turns out Henry knew of me from design circles, which flattered the pants right off me, and remembered my name from Chunklet orders and stuff. “I love what you do, man!” It was a great compliment, from a guy I had been wondering about for a long, long time. I’ve been reading Chunklet since forever, so, you know, it meant a lot. I was kinda scared to meet him, honestly. You just think he’s gonna rip you a new one.

So since Bonnaroo we’ve become good pals on iChat. He’s helped me when I was in a pinch, and vice versa. I’ve contributed a couple items to Chunklet’s last issue, which was an honor to a dick like me. So, Henry, you chicken-friend Atlanta prick, thanks! No one calls me a “fuckface” quite like you do. Much love.

Henry’s gonna be in town talking about his latest endeavor, the glorious Rock Bible. You better be there to listen in, buy a copy, get a handshake, rejoice and get yerself right with Henry. Here you go, read all about it right here, blasphemers.

- - - -

AND HERE COMES THE PITCH: Buy a DDC Action Cap. If they are good enough for Henry, they are good enough for you. The picture above proves it. Look at that head. So gross. You need one. Going fast. Lasts fucking forever. Seriously.

- - - -

IN THE SPIRIT OF EVEL: Rob “North Country” Bosworth from Minneapolis comes in with a cool Evel Kneivel poster. I love that “Stars-Stripes” suit. Damn. Thanks, man!

- - - -

UGLY AS SHIT: But who am I to say? You make the call: Check these kicks out. That’s a bonafide pair of DC x Snowboard Mag kicks. Co-brand style. In all honesty, I couldn’t look at my feet in those things, but, I trust in Larry and Jeff and the mag’s sense of what shredders will like. I know this much: The boys didn’t save a pair for me, so, they can bite it.

- - - -

PRETTY CONFUSED, BUT STILL WAY ENTERTAINED: Cambodian pulp book covers. Get a download of that type. Who the hell knows what they are saying, but, it sure is pretty nevertheless. It’s a big world, filled with mystery, and man, this link reinforces just that. And, that those wild Cambodians really know how to love. Pretty sweaty. Wow. (Via Coudal.)

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Aaron, I can tell your work from a mile away. That hat on my head is photoshop. Plain and simple!

Posted by: h2o on 11/13/08 at 5:46 PM

Those kicks might look good in a line-up, but not on my cracker ass feet. I couldn’t pull those off.

Posted by: alanvalek.com on 11/13/08 at 8:27 PM
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