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November 11, 2008
Making Pages
Posted at 11:34 AM


Coal Brad is down here and we’re hammering on the 2009 Coal Catalogs. And that’s that. Page by page. Hat by hat. Check out the new Coal site and then go buy a couple hats for you and yer friends.

- - - -

MINNEAPOLIS, AGAIN: Aesthetic Apparatus is at it again. Man. Pretty cool: Their “Yes, We’re Sorry We’re” sign series busts us up. My trigger finger is about a Gary hair or two away from hitting the “Purchase” button on my keyboard for the whole mess. Fuck it. Good stuff.

And shit, don’t miss their “The Official Frank L. Sprayberry Presidential Collage Series.” Don’t.

- - - -

ONE OF OUR BROTHERS: Mark Michaylira gets it all worked up digitally. Now hiring. If anyone messes with Michaylira, just know, they mess with the entire DDC enterprise. Something we say a lot, and mean 100%.

- - - -

BAD-ASS BIKES FROM MONTANA: The good work of Freeman Transport. Good spirit here. Nice-lookin’ piece of type, too! First thing that came to my thinker was, “Big Sky Built.”

- - - -

ROCKHOUNDERS UNITE!: Arkansas Scott comes in with a book his dad rescued called, “A Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals by Frederick H. Pough.”

Here’s what he had to say about it: “Classic 1960s type design. Eerily saturated color. Ruler printed on the book for rockhounding. Detailed Illustrations. Even includes a few “bonus” artifacts that some informed rockhound left inside the book. A brochure for Richardson’s Recreational Ranch, and an Orval O’ Neil Ye Olde Rockhounde Card/Ad. So, so good. A regular treasure trove from some rockhound from long ago. Had to pass it on. “

Well put. Thanks, Scott, come on back soon.

- - - -


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One Mr. Benny Gold is responsible for the Freeman logo work, and some other fine stuff. I dig his planes, man. http://www.bennygold.com/

Posted by: paddock on 11/11/08 at 1:22 PM

Those links to AA are making it hard for me to keep my hard earned dough in my billfold too. The two ‘A’s could stand for “Awesomely Awesome” if they were lookin’ for a change.

Thanks, AD!

Posted by: Patrick on 11/11/08 at 3:01 PM
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