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Flew home today, on zero sleep. Early flight out of Traverse City, and you know, I let the pre-flight demons get the best of me, freaking myself out enough to not be able to sleep.

I slept all the way to Minneapolis. Then I slept for an hour on the way to Portland. Woke up and watched a doc on my iPhone. Neat little device.

The DDC Fall Tour ends right now. With some sadness, but mainly with relief knowing Dad is back on the mend. I have a flight back to Michigan on the 15th, and shit will resume then, with some luck.

It’s good to be back with Leigh and Gary. My loved one, and my loud one.

- - - -

THE DOC I WATCHED AT 30,000 FEET: Following Sean. Haight Hippies, Bay Area Communists and how to grow up in it all. Pretty intense.

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