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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 03, 2008
Posted at 01:06 PM


Holy hell. Thanks!

Thank you to all the good people who’ve purchased DDC crew socks over the last couple months.

Let’s just say this much: I ordered like 250 pairs of the things, and I pretty much force them on whoever is man enough to show up to the shop. I’m down to the final 50 pairs or something! I just reordered, to handle the steady stream of orders coming in. So thanks. So much.

Here’s some feedback from the those who took a chance on us:

“Bitchin’ and two thumbs up!” -Bryant Robinson, Fort Worth, Tex.

“I ordered a couple pairs of the DDC socks from you several weeks ago. Got ‘em lickety-split, along with some nice throw-ins. One of the pairs of socks I then sent on to a buddy as a gift. Knowing his affinity for A. Quality, B. Orange Socks and C. Freedom Lovin’ Mottos split in half over your toes, I knew he’d love ‘em. Well, I talked to him earlier tonight, I asked him how he liked the socks and he said…” -Tim, North America

“Those are some sturdy fuckin’ socks!” -Tim’s friend, North America

And even a couple cryptic inquiries from far away, exotic lands:

“Crikey, Mate, Can the bleeding socks be shipped to Oz, or should we be holding out for more plate tectonic shift to bring us right with you Yanks before we get proper footie?” -Chris, Australia

OUR PLEDGE: Chris, we’ll ship ANYWHERE! In the states and Canada, we cover the shipping, but everywhere else, you gotta cover the shipping. Get in touch and we’ll give you an estimate for shipping. Easy as that. Heck yes.

COLD, HARD FACTS: All proceeds from these socks, or any other DDC products goes to things like:

01. Keeping Gary alive.
02. Maintaining this halfwit blog thing.
03. Future DDC merch projects.
04. Lovejoy.

Feel good about it, and thanks.

- - - -

MEETING OF THE MINDS: Finally got to meet the ever-impressive, gigantically prolific Kate Bingaman-Burt the other day at the shop. Straight outta Mississippi and now making Portland home, just take a second to check out what her students have waiting for them when they start up their classes: The “Command Save!” Blog.

Man, those little shits better be counting their blessings to have an instructor as cool as her showing up to crack the whip each day. Contagious awesomeness.

Oh yeah, here’s all the other awesome stuff she’s got her meathooks into:

01. Obsessive Consumption
02. What Did You Buy Today?
03. Kate Consumption
04. Public Design Center
05. Crap Detector

FOR BEN: And Ben Vickery, you little design rat, you better be on point for when I come to “talk” to the students. More like, “thrash” the students, if you know what I am saying. Be ready, Vickery, be ready.

- - - -


- - - -

ALL KINDS OF WILD-ASS STUFF IN HERE: Ladies and Gentleman, wrap yer heads around some Will Bryant, will ya? God Bless the children!

- - - -

MORE PROPAGANDA FROM CLAY AT PROPAGANDA: All the “Beer Magazine Ads” from the esteemed Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising. My kinda joint! Here’s our two cents on this one Thanks, man!

- - - -

THE KIND OF LINK THAT JUST MAKES YOU WANT TO GIVE IT ALL UP, AND START OVER: And this time, have a go at being an illustrator, and maybe, one day, have shit dialed like Eric Dyck up in Canada. And maybe you won’t, and you’ll lead a lonely, unfulfilling life with a haunting lists of “what if” possibilities. I’m fighting to stay far away from that kind of living. Daily. Minute by minute. Where am I going with this? Basically, fellas like Eric Dyck “have it going on” and we find great inspiration in that.

And hey, Eric is a proud customer of DDC merch, and took the time to draw up a portrait of himself with his new gear. Get a download of that smile! Another satisfied customer. Proud as hell.

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uncle joseph’s corncob pipe!
thanks so much, Draplin :)

Well said about Kate Bingaman-Burt. I would not be sitting in a Lake Village, AR mcdonald’s drinking an iced coffee right now if it weren’t for KATE.

But seriously, Kate & Clifton are absolutely amazing!


Posted by: Will Bryant on 10/03/08 at 2:50 PM
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