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October 05, 2008
Posted at 01:20 PM


SHOWING UP DAILY: Been on a real tear the last bunch of days gobbling up records off eBay and whatever the hell else. “It’s just about my birthday, and I’ll buy if I want to.”

Shit’s been showing up every day for the last bunch of days. Stuff like:

01. Mercury Rev - Boces (So incredibly good. All these years later…)
02. Pixies - Trompe Le Monde
03. Sebadoh - Bubble and Scrape
04. Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating In Space (Fuckin’ splurged.)
05. Calexico - Hot Rail
06. Scud Mountain Boys - Pine Box

Sure you are thinking, “That fucker is stuck in the ’90s…” and, you are pretty much right. That was my time. All these smart, ironic, witty, cool, nice, funny, wacky, juvenile, mature, up-side-down, right-side-up, charming, ugly, wild, down-tempo, up-tempo, emo, screamo, Icelandic, Nü-Wave, Nü-Metal, Old-Wave bands these days just “grab me” less and less, and I’ll be damned if a nice, unruly, way-too-loud playing of an old Mercury Rev album from back in that day doesn’t hold it’s own to whatever riff raff is being peddled these days. My thoughts on the matter.

And I’m “real glad” that was my time. Phew.

- - - -

STERN WORDS: And Chris Coyle, if you are reading this, there’s a good chance you are shaking that head of yers going, “Draplin, goddammit, eBay is for dicks!” Well, Mr. Coyle, why don’t you march yerself right down to the DDC Factory Floor and I’ll offer you up a very-gnarled middle finger-right up in yer grill. Then, after our discussion, I’ll take you out and buy you lunch. On the house. Just like that. Goddammit.

There Are 6 Comments

Living in the nineties is fine by me… personally, I love all those albums you mentioned, particularly the Sebadoh one, which I maintain was their best.

Posted by: Blair Millen on 10/05/08 at 2:07 PM

i sold my copy of ‘ladies and gentleman we are floating in space” on ebay not too long ago. i saw what it was going for, and weighed the fact that i had the mp3’s and would likely spin the vinyl on rare occasion. i know the vinyl sounds better, and i’ll probably regret it someday… if only for the great packaging.

Posted by: steven wade on 10/05/08 at 4:14 PM

Man, Trompe Le Monde RULES!
One of my favorites of all time.

Solid rock record, front to back!!!

Posted by: Don Guss on 10/05/08 at 8:54 PM

what is whe word Drap. Havent seen you in a few…lets go out and get some greek food and stuff ourselves till the insurgency dies down…call me…if you are doing willie’s album cover, Im gonna faint in happiness!

Posted by: fred on 10/06/08 at 10:36 AM

yeah, it was the last time that music wasn’t made by committees and focus groups.

Posted by: lynda on 10/07/08 at 1:56 PM

Great Tunes man!
I’m most definitely a 90’s man too
I was lucky enough to see Mercury Rev in 91 twice, at the peak of their sonic weirdness! Also managed to see Pixies twice, the oct 90 gig was and still is the best gig ever from my all time fave band!
I lost count how many times I saw Spiritualized in the 90’s.
I find myself revisiting my old 90’s albums more and more these days, it’s either the fact that bands today just aren’t as good or I’m too old!
I did see Interpol recently tho! they rocked!
Great site by the way.

Posted by: Nik Cannon on 10/08/08 at 9:33 AM
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