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Draplin Design Co., North America


I nice piece of packaging Dad had waiting for me: “Magic Magnets.”

Here’s what the back of the thing looked like.

- - - -

NINE REASONS WHY WE LOVE COMING HOME: It’s fall and it’s beautiful up here. Here’s some proof, people: DDCFT08-158 “Pumpkin cake mix” is example number one, and if you scroll through the Flickr set titled, “2008 DDC Fall Tour” you’ll see eight other reasons.

- - - -

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: A new take on movie posters, with the ever-conspicuous brand integrations cleanly spelled out for the viewer to ponder. I was watching I Am Legend last night real late, and couldn’t help but count all the overt brand mentions. Oh well. I mean, what you gonna do, right? (Sent in by Derek. Thanks, man.)

- - - -

SLITHERING CREEPINESS: A “snake proof” crib to battle any Cobra attacks that might come up.

Speaking of sinister creatures, just before I left Leigh and I were digging out some boxes out of the garage and I’ll be damned if we didn’t come face to face, eyeball to eight eyeballs, with the biggest spider I’ve seen during my whole time in Oregon. A monster. A beast. Well over an inch in diameter, with fur on its abdomen visible to my lazy eye. Scary. Didn’t move too fast. Alm st two weeks later, and I’m still thinking about that arachnid. Just not down with spiders. Still. (Someone sent this one in, but it escape me now. Sorry about that. Little bit frazzled back here, high as hell on pumpkin cake and cider.)

- - - -

GOOD GEAR: Jeff from Southern Skies Coffee Roasters writes in and says, “I was going through the bins today and this little package of bolts caught my eye.”

Well Jeff, you are right on the money. You bet. Thanks for thinking about us and contributing to this mess. Anything involving “gears” always gets my blood pressure racing, so this one is a nice addition. Take care, keep ‘em coming!

- - - -

ON CONSTANT ROTATION: Catfish Haven’s latest, Devastator.

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I was wondering who clued you in to Catfish Haven? You know, I’m a big fan myself…

Posted by: Ryno on 10/22/08 at 4:28 PM
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