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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 10, 2008
Posted at 04:04 PM


MORE SLIME, PLEASE: The “E” above is something Leigh, Ewan and I painted up last night for his room at the ranch. You know, a little decoration for the “Ewan Lair.” Here’s what it looks like three seconds before Ewan goes nuts.

You oughta see that kid sleep. He’s like a little starfish, changing things up every 20 minutes or so…hanging off the bed, on his side, levitating, you name it. Just a squirrelly little sleeper. Ewan wanted blood on the thing, but his mom said, “Slime is better, Ewok…” and that sealed the deal. Gotta listen to yer mom. That’s just the way it goes, man.

- - - -

DON’T HAVE MUCH TODAY: Kinda busy wrapping shit up for the DDC Fall Tour that starts tomorrow morning. Packing things. Picking things up. Dropping things off. Signing checks. Swearing. Crying. Planning. Uploading to FTPs. And, being excited as all hell to get out there and see me some America.

- - - -

DAYWRECKER WARNING: Man, just what we need. And on one of our busiest days of the year, too. Damn. Well, there goes any sort of time management, right out the window. People, here’s link that can really work you over: The Old Car Manual Project.

You know, being excited by the upcoming DDC Fall Tour, of course I gravitated towards station wagons to get things started. Then I just quit looking, as, I had to start packing up the rig. Priorities, man. (Sent in by the good people of Propaganda Creative.)

- - - -

THIS IS HOW WE DO IT: Bingaman-Burt tells me, “Vickery digs yer shit!” and we do the right thing and send him a care package to “keep things on the up and up for the upcoming winter.” Just like that. Those socks are completely “Economy Proof” so, you know, there stock isn’t going down anytime soon. Heck no.

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