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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 02, 2008
Posted at 10:36 PM


DOCK-TOBER!: This whole mess is pretty much for “our man in the water,” Cris Dabica, of New Hampshire. A little nautical gallery we’re calling, “The 1969 Boat Buyer’s Annual.” Slosh around a bit in there, you pond skippers!

- - - -

FROM CHAD RILEY OUT THERE IN NYC: A guy who built his own camera, and has to drag it around with a truck. So awesome.

- - - -

FINALLY, SOMETHING IN SNOWBOARDING THAT CATCHES OUR EYE: Carhartt gets down with Burton, and the results look pretty darn good.

- - - -

MONOPOLY FOR MODERNISTS: Monopoly, with Helvetica, and that’s about it. Sure, this is nice and refreshing, but, I’m more inclined to “keep it as it is” in it’s Depression-era state. The DDC ruling on the matter: Hey Monopoly, don’t change a thing!

But hey, exercises like that are healthy, as they show you the power of good design, clear thinking and refinement in a quick sense, with something so familiar. And that’s always a square deal to me. (Thanks, Cam.)

- - - -

DO NOT PASS GO: Get a look at how these looked back in the day! Wow.

DO NOT COLLECT $100: Amy’s collection of contemporary Monopoly games.

- - - -

FROM “BIG” JIM FELT, JUST A COUPLE BLOCKS OVER: The staggering photographic work of James Nachtwey, and how journalistic photography can change the world.

And when you are done watching that one, jump in yer car head to the video store to rent War Photographer, to see the kind of courage Nachtwey exhibits in the scariest of situations.

- - - -

SPEAKING OF SCARY SITUATIONS: Biden vs. Palin. Our one cent on the match. I hope ol’ Pitbull Palin is exposed for what she is: A small-town mayor with good looks, with zero foreign policy experience, folksy, half-ass poolicy answers the truth that she’s simply a political pawn, who was a horrible choice for McCain’s VP slot.

I mean, come on. After eight long years with a bumbling idiot addressing the world, aren’t we smart enough to not elect another one?

McCaffery tells it like it is.

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Another fine post, AD.

An inside story about War Photographer (an incredible film IMHO). My brother-in-law Marc used to own his own black and white printing facility in NYC and he used to print Nachtwey’s gallery prints. He is shown in the movie printing a Nachtwey print and then going over it with Jim. Jim asks for a couple of changes and then Marc goes back in the darkroom to re-work it. He comes out a bit later and rolls out a new print which Jim approves. The rub is that it is the same exact print both times. Jim and Marc both new it as well as the film makers. It is fun to watch that scene knowing that it is the same print with Jim and Marc gushing over the ‘changes’. And it goes to show that even the most goddamned serious documentary photographer likes a good joke now and then.

Posted by: Patrick on 10/03/08 at 6:31 AM

That Palin bitch is stttuuuuuppid. Fuck me.

Posted by: alanvalek.com on 10/03/08 at 8:57 AM

the carhartt collab is a no brainer and long overdue IMHO (nice acronym patrick), i have to say i’m a little underwhelmed though… good to see it come out, though soft goods made in china. i’m not a fascist about “made in usa” but would have been nice…

Posted by: james fox on 10/03/08 at 12:02 PM
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