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Yeah, we aren’t afraid of making “big promises.” Sure, we “talk tough.” Of course, we “put our foots in our mouth” all too often. Right, “people hate us.” Back in the start of Octobrrr I was claiming a big game for the month complete with a big-ass roadtrip, and some new merch and even some new Flickr set goodness.

Well, the first leg of the DDC Fall Tour went off with pretty Well. The second leg, with all puns intended, kept Dad, Mom and I in the hospital for a handful of days. A mountain of new merch is waiting for me back in Portland.

And in keeping with my big mouth, here’s a new Flickr set titled, “Modern Plastics Encyclopedia 73-74.”

Hope you pellet-melters dig it. “Adventures in Plastics,” people. Now buy one of ours, right here!

- - - -

SPEAKING OF PLASTICS, THIS ONE IS “ABSOLUTE REQUIRED GODDAMN VIEWING”: “How Lego makes their amazing mini-figs.” (Sent in by Styk! Thanks, brother.)

- - - -

AND WHILE WE’R AT IT: Pretty much the “link of the month,” more or less…“The Lego Mini-Fig Timeline.” Uh, wow.

- - - -

REQUIRED VIEWING: Man, if this one just doesn’t make you want to put a foot through yer monitor and get back to the basics, I don’t know what will: The creation of their “Typographreaks” graphic, courtesy of the masters at House Industries, in Delaware, commonly known as “The First State.” Lucky ducks.

- - - -

LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif FIELD NOTES IN “HOW” MAGAZINE!!!: Thanks to Portland’s OFFICE for recommending Field Notes! Thanks, guys, so much. Office. A must-stop-and-shop spot in Portland. And that’s that.

- - - -

SMART PEOPLE, MAKING SMART STUFF: A Cool idea, with beauiful type. Plus, a cool name for their deal: The Small Object.

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