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It’s 2am, and I’m sitting here next to Dad. He’s snoring pretty good. Mom’s at home in bed. Dr. Sarah went back down state and back to her Audiology job. Dad’s feeling pretty good and goes into surgery tomorrow to stitch his leg back up. We stayed up late watching tube and then the nurse came in a laid down the law. Turns out all our bullshitting going down between us was keeping him up too late. Oops. “Nurse Ratchet,” more or less.

- - - -

SOME DERMATOLOGY FOR YA: in the title fight of “Ink versus Skin”, well, ink won, and here’s some proof: Here’s a mini little cell phone snapshot of a a tattoo on a kid in Michigan who liked a logo I did enough to get it inked on himself. I’ll be damned. Wow.

Here’s the original graphic, from a couple winters ago. And that’s my dad “approving the work.” Man, we kicked Vegas’ ass that year. We had a hell of a time down there.

My high school brother Bry Aleshire facilitated this one. He works with the kid making pizzas here in Traverse City. Heck yes. Keep up the good pies.

This is what it looks like when Bry “saves the day” with a late-nite pizza delivery. Phew: “1/2 Pepperoni and bacon, 1/2 bacon and pepperoncini.” Heck yes.

- - - -

REMEMBER THIS ONE?: That old Fisher Price Hospital set. So good. I loved that little x-ray unit it came with.

- - - -

HANDPAINTED, MAN: A handpainted band-aid skateboard deck.

- - - -


- - - -

CHOCOLATE AND CREEPY: Medical chocolates. Yikes.

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Hope your Dad’s doing better, that shit sucks.

Posted by: alanvalek.com on 10/27/08 at 8:27 AM

Jesus Christ, Mr. D! I don’t even know what to say. Get yourself healed up and home. You’re freaking the rest of the patients out with that foot. I just hope they didn’t roll you by the Children’s Ward. That’s all they need is 250 terrified, balling kids think’n that Santa’s in surgery and Christmas is off…
Heal up quick, brother.

Posted by: Ryno on 10/27/08 at 10:21 AM

Get well Mr. Draplin, we’re thinking about you. All the best.

Posted by: Friends in Santa Cruz on 10/27/08 at 10:27 AM

hey goodpeople‚„Ę of the Mitten State:

I’m guessin’ those DDC orange issue socks can’t even begin to wrap up Big Jim’s juicy turkey drumstick (foot). Wishin’ Mr. Draps a superduty speedy recovery.

Cheers, jon

PS: What about bionics?

Posted by: realgood¬ģ jon baugh on 10/28/08 at 12:35 AM
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