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Spent the day at Dad’s side. Job No. 01.

Doing some work on the laptop, watching some tube, getting to know the nursing staff and creeping out in the cafeteria. And of course, helping Dad with whatever he needs.

Dad had a really mean hunger today. When the nurse brought him his meal, he scarfed the thing down and had this to say to her when she came back to pick up the spoils, “Hey, and next time, have them give me a portion that does some damage. That meal in me, hell, it was like throwing a BB in the Grand Canyon!”

Shit’s getting back to normal.

- - - -

MEAT FEET: And just to seal the deal today, we thought we’d share a photo of dad’s foot, but of course, with out the gore and tubes and stuff. Just the foot. Just so you know what to focus yer mental energy on after reading this, and, for inspiration anytime you need to see quite possibly the awesomest foot ever: Jim Draplin’s foot, for the whole world to see. Good God.

- - - -

PAIN CONTROL: Here’s some hospital icons from a town on the east coast called “New York City.” Maybe you’ve heard about it?

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OK, wow. Now I know where you got that name, Meatfoot. Strong bloodlines. Wow.

Posted by: tyler on 10/29/08 at 10:17 PM
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