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Spent the whole day at the hospital with dad. I had the mobile command unit all set up next to his bed, working off the Munson Hospital wireless signal. Business as usual with the clients out west, but as a sidekick to dad in a hospital bed, with a tube draining stuff out of his calf.

Here’s what went down: Dad was walking to his car that was parked in some grass. He stepped in a divot, twisting his ankle and fell down. In the fall, he hurt his right calf. He went to the doctor and they said he pulled a muscle pretty bad, and got him right into physical therapy to aid the healing process. Thing were going okay. He was doign stretches and had a cane to help him get around.

So then a couple days back he’s getting out of his car and feels a sudden “snap” in his calf, followed by intense pain and pressure. By the time he got back out to the house, you could see the visible change in swelling. After a rough night with little-to-no sleep, we took him into the emergency room and after quick checkup, dad was rushed into surgery.

The problem was a hematoma in his calf muscle, and it was bleeding, and pressure needed to be relieved, and quick. In no time, he was in the operating room.

I sat with mom in the waiting room while the surgeons went to work.

Everything went okay, and he’s in his own room. He’s got an eight inch slice in his calf, and a tube draining fluids from it. Nurses and nurse aids and doctors are getting the job done right.

Here’s what dad had to say about the whole deal: “An action sequence with Dad.”

- - - -

SEND IN SOME LOVE: And here’s what I asking you to do: Send my dad a little bit of well-wishing. The guys is a little down right now. You know, it ain’t easy having fluids draining from you around the clock. Send him a little love, and I’ll gladly read him the comments tomorrow, at his side, doing my part to get the old man back out into the world strong and healthy.

Click “Leave A Comment” just to the left of this post, and let’s build the guy back up with some god words.

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FROM JARED IN LONG BEACH: Lego instructions for a pumpkin. Just that simple. Awesome as a gourd gets.

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ONE OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA’S GREATEST: I did 22 long mouths down there baking in the sun. I barely made it outta there. One of the good people I got to meet down there was Lee Crane. After years of seeing his name all over the action sports industry spectrum, it was cool to put a face on it. Nice as hell, with helpful industry advice about this and that, with an “wise man” angle coming from a cat who’s seen it all down there. Thanks Lee, for being awesome.

But it doesn’t stop there. Lee’s also got an eye for rad shit, and here’s proof: “The ABCs of California Boating Law.”
So good. Check out that wicked little “s” after in the “ABCs” type chunk. So gross, and so great.

There Are 17 Comments

Get well soon Jim. From what I’ve read, I’m pretty sure it’ll take more than a garden divot to keep you down n’ out!

Posted by: Greg on 10/27/08 at 3:29 AM

hey feel better Jim!! you have urchins to frighten later this week! (I’ve been thinking about your family ever since I saw your parents car in the Munson parking lot early Saturday, glad he’s on the mend!)

Posted by: natalie on 10/27/08 at 6:12 AM

Love you Jim-

Posted by: leigh on 10/27/08 at 6:17 AM

Many good thoughts from Milwaukee, Mr. Draplin! Get well soon, eh?

Your son speaks quite highly of you on this here blog thingy, and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to more stories from your road trips - they’ve inspired me to enjoy my relationship with my Dad a bit more as we both get older (he’s kicked cancer and pushing 70 now).

Hang in there, mate!

Posted by: Daniel Holter on 10/27/08 at 6:46 AM

Just dropping in with my words and thoughts for big Jim Draplin: I know I don’t know you, but your son’s descriptions have made you a definite inspiration. I just know that leg will be right back into ass-kicking shape in no time. There’s no doubt about that. All the best, you’ll be on my mind until I hear you’re better, and probably after that too (but not in a creepy way…).

Posted by: jonjohnson on 10/27/08 at 6:49 AM

Feel better Big Daddy Draplin. On behalf of health care types everywhere, we apologize for insisting all the time that “the most thing for you to do is to get some rest” and then waking you up at all hours to do some obscure shit to you that we probably won’t bother to fully explain. There’s usually a good reason, I promise. Rest up and heal completely, alright?

Posted by: Breck "Scrap Metal" Chumley on 10/27/08 at 7:00 AM

Sorry to hear about that spill you took. Get to getting better so you can get back to kickin’ Aaron’s butt around!

Posted by: Jeff on 10/27/08 at 7:47 AM

Jim and Aaron,
Here in NYC we’re seriously pulling for a quick return to full-mobility asap! Nothing worse than being out of commission do to an unexpected breakdown in parts. Sounds like you’re all getting back to normal and you can get back to proper autumnal enjoyment. Take care fellas!

Posted by: Paul Antonson on 10/27/08 at 9:51 AM

Hang in there Mr. Draplin. I don’t know you or your son personally, but from what ive seen you seem like like one helluva guy, and your in good hands. Heal up well now, ya hear!

Posted by: ryan U on 10/27/08 at 11:25 AM

Hope you get well soon and fully recover!

Posted by: Josh Nelson on 10/27/08 at 4:01 PM

Greetings from England, Jim. Sorry to hear about your argument with the divot. No doubt you’ll be running around before you know it.
All the best.

Posted by: Doug on 10/27/08 at 4:30 PM

I hope your dad has better looking nurses than me. Give the docs hell though. Get well soon Mr. Draplin.

Posted by: Roderick Snell on 10/27/08 at 7:42 PM

Hang in there Jim, you look tougher than anything some two-bit ailment can hand you. We’re in your corner.

Posted by: Joseph Hughes on 10/27/08 at 9:47 PM

You are an inspiration to us all. I think everyone who reads your son’s blog feels somewhat of a connection to you and your family. We all want you to recover good and well. Also it is almost that Holiday Season. Looking forward to another Draplin Clause foto. From bearded men everywhere, get well soon.

Posted by: Mark on 10/28/08 at 7:33 AM

Get well soon, Mr. Draplin! As an inspiration to your son and the rest of us, we need you better! Hope you’re out of the hospital soon.

Posted by: todd on 10/28/08 at 8:42 AM

Mr D.

Sir, your son is one of the finest around. You’ve raised a good one, and I’d greatly appreciate you hanging in there so you can keep him in line for a good while yet.

Hope the leg heals soon. All the best. I’ll be glad to throw a few drinks your way if you wake it to North Carolina.


Posted by: Joshua on 10/28/08 at 7:52 PM

My heart (and mended foot) go out to Mr. Draplin! Make sure you fully explain to him how “things can take a turn” if you don’t watch for infection. Also, if you haven’t seen “Big Rig” yet, it’d be a good way to pass the time healing. Seems like your type of documentary.

Posted by: Draplin's Kitchen Boss on 10/29/08 at 10:05 PM
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