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Back home at parental compound, working away on all kinds of stuff.

I set up shop on the dining room table, not five paces away from “the couch” where I will be retreating to very, very often over the course of the next week. Rest, relaxation and avoiding responsibility. Our promise for the whole week.

- - - -

GLAD TO BE HOME: Dad had an amazing mess of trinkets for me upon my arrival. The matchbox graphic is featured above. So good. Here’s the matchbox, and how it opens for you to check out. This is the kind of stuff dad saves for me from his travels out in the wild. Awesome.

- - - -

GREAT STACKS: Everything about this link is perfect. Great type, color and utilitarian beauty. (Sent in by Cameron at Dr. Graphix in the Windy City! Thanks, man. Ditka!)

- - - -

KONICHIWA!: A bunch of Japanese matchbox labels

All over this one. So nice. Or this one? Wow. (Sent in by Robert. Great find, man.)

- - - -

YELLOWSTONE, IN THE FALL: The good people of AnonymousUnited shares a set of shots from the great park. Beautiful stuff.

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Hope to see you

Posted by: Bry on 10/21/08 at 9:21 AM

Welcome back to TC (again)! I was just in Chi-town last weekend for the marathon and I was sorely disappointed that we didn’t have enough time for the Field Museum. P.S. Harker sends a Hello.

Posted by: Amber on 10/21/08 at 12:03 PM

That’s no matchbox, it’s a portable ashtray. Sweet find! Those things are all over Japan, but you rarely see them in the states, even in thrift store/antique store/estate sale context.


Posted by: Breck "Scrap Metal" Chumley on 10/23/08 at 3:59 AM
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