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Draplin Design Co., North America

Today’s feature photo was shot by Leigh McKolay while I was busy running my mouth, or making some sort of promise I couldn’t keep, with Jon Baugh.

Had a good couple days in Minneapolis:

01. Hung with Ryno and Sara. Come to Portland, lovebirds.

02. Showed off the city to a wide-eyed Leigh.

03. Told stories of my “old days” there. Tall tales.

04. Crossed over just about every bridge over the Mississippi.

05. Caught up with the one and only Jon Baugh for a quick drive-by.

06. Got to meet Mike Davis and get a tour of Burlesque. Nice as hell with talent that reaches from North Minneapolis to all points of the globe. Pure awesome.

07. Got to meet Mike Cina of youworkforthem, and check out their book warehouse. This is the ONLY place to buy a design book online. Take a halfwit word for it. Great, great selection, and even better service.

08. Met Jason at Space150 for a quick tour and some loose talk. Thanks for having me. Nice joint. Good energy. Interesting stair/pillow/romper room thing in between the two studios. Remember, send me yer contacts so I can get you on mag list.

09. Got denied at the Ideal Diner. They close at 2pm on Wednesdays, people.

10. Watched the debates and felt very, very good about Mr. Obama.

11. Rolled past old apartments. See item #03.

12. Picked up a copy of Lifter Puller’s “Fiestas + Fiascos” from Treehouse. On vinyl. Heck yes. My birthday splurge.

13. Had a nice supper at Cafe Ena in South Minne. Lots of fusion going on.

14. The next time I am in town, I will be hitting up Murray’s Steakhouse for real deal meal. Wow. Jon, make a reservation for the spring, or something. On the DDC.

15. Got to “man the turntables” with Ryno at a little club downtown. Turn it up.


- - - -

Goddammit. I love Minneapolis. And that’s that. Thank you.

So many good signs. So many amazing designers. So many great buildings. A big river. A great skyline.

There Are 11 Comments

I don’t know you, but I read your blog everyday and sleep with the Union catalog under my pillow. Kept my eyes peeled for you around these parts but our paths didn’t cross…. Looks like you were able to hit a lot of the high points. It’s a good place to live, for sure.

Posted by: robert on 10/17/08 at 7:20 AM

thanks for stopping by space, didn’t get a chance to say hi - but dig your historical touch and approach to design.

come out again some time, and drop a line….the midwest always welcomes its kids back.


Posted by: ned on 10/17/08 at 7:38 AM

How the fuck did you not make it to Psycho Suzy’s?!?!
Slippin man slippin.

Posted by: HAKER on 10/17/08 at 1:00 PM

No “h” in Sara. She’ll kill you.

Posted by: Ryno on 10/17/08 at 1:04 PM

What Part of MN are you originally from? Cool little journey you have going, nice of you to let us follow.
Burlesque has some cool stuff.

Posted by: Stefan on 10/17/08 at 1:11 PM

Please tell me you went in.. That’s one of the most OG, but excellent steak houses I’ve ever been to. I lived in Mpls for years! You need to hit First Ave for a show and then head into the warehouse dist for a few beers. Tune into the current while in town - it’s the best radio on the planet (earth)…

Posted by: Paul on 10/18/08 at 5:03 PM

gaaah i loove his work.
safe travels friend!

Posted by: Will Bryant on 10/18/08 at 9:28 PM

I’m a big fan of Minneapolis, too. It’s the bigger, cooler cousin to my city (Winnipeg). I’ve passed by Murray’s so many times, but have yet to enter. I really must eat there.

Posted by: Allan Lorde on 10/20/08 at 2:44 AM

Another something you might be interested in if you haven’t seen it yet. Japanese matchbox labels from the 20s-40s.


Posted by: Robert B. on 10/20/08 at 7:51 AM

Thanks for stopping by and great to finally meet you face to face. Enjoy your world tour.

Posted by: Michael Cina on 10/21/08 at 2:58 PM

Between points 06 and 07 you totally passed by my studio, and I was a deadbeat and not around. Thanks for the card though. Next time you’re in town, holla at yr boy!

Posted by: Dan Black on 10/21/08 at 8:09 PM
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