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Up at the “crack of 11am,” uploaded some shit, battled a “molasses-uphill-in-the-dead-of-winter net connection” in the room, loaded up and got the hell out of Buffalo.

Over to Gillette, down to Newcastle, through Upton and over into South Dakota and those mysterious Black Hills.

First stop was the National Museum of Woodcarving. Worth the seven bucks. Creepy as hell. They are having a sale in their giftshop right now. 25 percent off. Know this.

Second stop was the Crazy Horse Memorial. Amazing story about the family behind the thing. Slow process. Last time I saw it was in 1993 on our inaugural trip out west. I don’t remember there being a face. Not much else has seemed to change, which, is prob’ly a dumb statement. Like I’d know. Intense place with so much history, sadness and stoicism.

Third stop wasn’t too much of a “stop”…more like a “drive-by”. Mt Rushmore. Carved out of a mountain. Old man Borglum. As my little sister Leah said back in 1986: “The four guys.”

I can’t help myself: This place just fuckin’ creeps me out. Four American heroes, for the ages, majestic…on stolen land. Can’t help but feel conflicted standing there in front of it. Felt the same disgust back in 1993, as a hopeful youngster fresh out on my own.

The sun was setting and the light was running out, so I snapped a couple shots and dropped down into Rapid City. I got myself out on to I-90, cued up an audiobook about puritanical madness and hauled balls all the way to Mitchell.

CHECK OUT “DAY 04” HERE: DDCFT-068 “C+K Clothing”

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Happy Birthday Aaron!

Posted by: Uncle Terry on 10/15/08 at 6:46 AM

Happy birthday, brother. “High Plains Birthday,” it’s got a nice sound to it. The best time of year to have been born, and there’s something satisfying about having a birthday on the 15th; so solidly in the middle of a month. Hope it’s a great one, been really enjoying the pictures and stories from Out West.

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 10/15/08 at 7:15 AM

Wall Drug is a must-stop.

Posted by: Jeff on 10/15/08 at 8:17 AM
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