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The image above is one of my favorites from the trip. Spotted on a box, under a tent, somewhere in Kentucky. You can see the original image here.

We hope you enjoyed the coverage of our adventure: Day 01, Day 02, Day 03, Day 04 = 630 miles.

- - - -

Up early in Birmingham, Alabama, and happy as hell. What an amazing roadtrip behind us. So good.

Feeling very thankful we made it the whole route, safe and successful. Feeling rich with new treasures and brotherhood. Good times were had by all. After a little sightseeing around Birmingham, we dropped Evan off at airport to fly back to the Long Beach and quickly got on the mean road north, back towards Chicago.

Dale powered our Suburban all night long, getting us up just past Louisville into southern Indiana. Real late, we grabbed an overly-expensive room, and hit the sack. Head hit pillow/Head fall asleep.

- - - -

Things written down in the Field Notes, we thought we’d share to sum up the four-day adventure:

01. From Dale: Something my dad says: “Like a dog shitting razor blades.”

02. Indiana: “The Speedway State.”

03. Quote overheard: “That’s gonna itch when it dries.”

04. Threat from Dale: “I will be on you like a tick on coondog….Dug in!”

05. Best stop of the Ohio leg: Castine, Ohio.

06. The “KDI,” or, “Kentucky Dale Index” was very high, as, at any given sale I could yell, “Daaaale!” and multiple heads would turn in my direction. “The KDI.” There you go. Very high in Kentucky.

07. Jess Gibson likes to play the, “I’m the quiet guy” card, but, we’re to tell you he’s anything but.

08. So what if I took a lot of dog naps. (“Cat nap” as a term sucks, as do cats.) I was on vacation. A man gets tired. There was no shortage of guffawing at my sleepy ways in between stops.

09. High Hopes: “I’m gonna see how many pulled pork sandwiches I can eat today.” -Evan Rose

10. Pin that I should have bought: “I’m so horny, the crack of dawn gets me excited.”

11. From some huckster, in a tent: “If someone tells about Kiln-dryed Cedar, RUN! That stuff is junk.” -Air-Dryed Cedar Advocate

12. After I offered 20 bucks for the three orange “DDC” plastic letters, and paid up, the strangely-innocent, “I don’t know what price my daddy is asking for them” seller pulled Evan aside and said, “Don’t tell yer friend, but we only wanted five bucks a letter. Ha.”

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