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August 16, 2008
Wedded Bliss
Posted at 08:03 AM


Months and months ago, Leigh had this to say: “You are going to that wedding.” The stage was set.

Her brother Shaun was marrying his gal Sarah back in Michigan and plans were drawn up. So yeah, months ago, I knew what I’d be doing the night of August 16th.

It was nice to see Leigh’s beautiful family, nice to see Leigh all jazzed up with foundation, eyeliner and other magical substances, nice to see Leigh’s closest girlfriends Courtney and Barb, and, meet Shaun and Sarah for the first time. Nice kids. Good lookin’, too.

And always, it was great to see Barb’s “Stanimal” too. Always. Heck yes.

- - - -

MATRIMONY OR BUST: Here’s our coverage of the event, with a Flickr set inappropriately titled, “A Wedding I Was Forced To Attend.”

- - - -

FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART: Congratulations to Shaun and Sarah.

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