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Here’s how our wild-ass morning went, into the afternoon, and as the sun set over the Midwest:

Got up at the crack of dawn, excited, and jumped on the big road out of Somewhere, Indiana, on up towards Chicago. Passed up Indianapolis a couple hours later, to zero reaction from any of us. As we got close to Chicago our “smooth sailing ways” were replaced with “hectic, packed streets” on up to Midway in the city. We handed over the suburban, replacing it with a frugal, sexy Impala rig. It was hard to say good-bye to Jess, but, we did it, and he headed back to Portland, triumphant and loaded with footage and treasure. Dale and I then jumped on 41 along the bottom horn of Lake Michigan and got the fuck out of the city, towards the dead lands of Gary, and on up into Michigan. Once we crossed over into Michigan, we hauled balls all the way up to Char-lotte, just to the southwest of Lansing. I dropped Dale off after a long, teary embrace. (Dale, it’s gonna be okay. Hold it together.) I got the hell out of Char-lotte and raced over to Grand Rapids to get Leigh and Ewan from the airport. Once my lady and her little one were in the car and secure, we jumped back on the big road up to Traverse City and made it up north in record time.

Miles and mile and miles.

It’s good to be back home, safe, with mom and dad and back with my lady Leigh.

- - - -

FROM VIN, BACK IN PORTLAND: A link that keeps us alive, when faced with so many rogue pages, a slow connection and about 47 mosquito bites that are coming back to haunt: “Hotel Door Hangers Collected By My Grandfather.” We gigantically recommend that you go through the whole lot. What a journey.

Wow! Thanks, Vin. You sure do know how to treat a lady.

- - - -


- - - -

INSANELY EXCITED FOR THIS ONE: The latest Coen Brother epic, coming to a theater near you in early September: Burn After Reading. Can’t wait. Great.

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