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August 18, 2008
Down To Chicago
Posted at 08:10 AM

(My Grandpa Joe’s Wallet. “JD” for “Joseph Draplin.” My dad’s dad. Wish I could’ve known him.)

Pushed off from home this morning, real early. Hard to leave. Always is. Damn. Thank you, mom and dad.

Leigh’s here for a couple more days, and will fly back out to Portland with her little man, Ewan.

Heading down to Chicago to do a little business with the top brass of Coudal Partners, go record shopping, and take some pictures of Chicago’s amazing wealth of neighborhood signs. Something like that.

And if the time is there, I might even drop in on Gary, just to take cruise down the strip for the hell of it. Only if there is time.

- - - -

WHAT WE DID YESTERDAY: Captured, kind of, with the color “all over the place due to the lateness of the hour,” in a Flickr set called, “A Good Summer Sunday.”

- - - -

MOM, GO GRAB DAD FOR THIS ONE: Not Just Engines At Monterey: Emblems, Chrome, And Shiny Baubles! (Thanks to Orvillee for that one. Much appreciated.)

- - - -

FROM VANCOUVER, ON CANADA’S WEST COAST: Quit fucking around and get over to Steve St. Pierre’s Bad Archers Studio collection of gig posters. Some really, really nice stuff in there.

Our favorite of the bunch: An Owen poster. Nice stuff, man.

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i need one of these in the garage! vintage boomboxes http://www.owerko.com/#s=3&a=4&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&p=0&at=0

Posted by: andrew on 08/18/08 at 3:09 PM
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