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August 04, 2008
Cycle of Life Stuff
Posted at 01:35 PM

© Mark Welsh photo. Used completely without permission.

Pictured above is none other than little Remy Blue Phemister, in action, crawling around in the filth of the DDC Factory Floor. Unsafe for small children. Sharp objects. Rife with disease.

This shot was taken an hour ago, and so was this one, showing some of the luminaries who punch in here daily: “Three Men and a Gary: Goo, Remy, G-Unit and Aaron.”

So yeah, just let it be known that we love Remy with all our hearts, and, fall in love with the little rugrat with each goddamned visit. Seriously. Cycle of life stuff, people.

And while we’ve got you soft and teared-up, we’re just flat broke and busted in the time department, and didn’t have any extra seconds to go surfin’ for cool shit today. Don’t hate us. Don’t give up on the DDC. Just come back tomorrow, and we’ll have some shit to share.

Think about little Remy today, and the miracle of life, and all that shit.

- - -

OH YEAH, ONE LITTLE TO THINK ABOUT: And cross yer fingers for Morgan Freeman down there in Mississippi. He got in an accident and is laid up. One of the greatest. He’s in our thoughts. “Red,” if you will.

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