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August 25, 2008
Back At It
Posted at 03:45 PM

Greatest Doors Ever

WHAT WE DID OVER THE WEEKEND: We went rambling, and we’ve got proof. Here’s a Flickr set titled, “Olympic Peninsula Ramble” and if you’ve got nothing better to do, flip through it.

Way beautiful on the way up. Way wet on the way back down. We’ll be going back. You bet.

There is One Comment

So about that Delorean get-togetherā€¦did it get kinda old quick because they are all practically identical except for wear and tear? Or is that the cool part in that it is a bunch of doppelganger cars all lined up?

And you are right: It sure is purty up thereā€¦

Posted by: Patrick on 08/26/08 at 9:35 AM
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