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July 20, 2008
Details, Man, Details.
Posted at 03:07 PM


We wrapped a 188-pager today, and man, are prouder than hell of the boys, and the muscle, and the energy over the last five long days. Glad to be done.

See, my attitude changes when we wrap the thing up. From the depths of the black night to the golden rays of mid-day, with the last page completed. From mean to nice. From sad to happy. From retriever to dachshund. Just that quick. Instantaneous.

Chemicals percolating in my thinker with the last page released.

Thanks, fellas.

- - - -

And to celebrate, sorta, we uploaded all the covers of Snowboard Magazine up to this point in the work section of this site. Check ‘em out. A lot of blood, sweat and snowballs went in to them. Very proud.

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