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July 18, 2008
Friday, And We Downshift
Posted at 08:05 AM


PROGRESS REPORT: Everything but the cover is done with the mag. Now we’re gonna do a “couple rounds or corrections” and, as a pragmatic man, reckon there’ll be no shortage of hate, spite, venom, loathing, shaming and general negativity shared between “client and designer.” Ding. Ding.

- - - -

ALL THESE CHANNELS, AND NOTHING TO WATCH: The Early Television Museum will kill a good chunk of yer morning, so, you know, just relent.

The Test Equipment section alone messed us up. Man. So good.

Get in the van, motherfucker!

- - - -

FROM THE EAST: Rhajer Cameron loves everythng about this link, and, frankly, we love everything about him. “Win/Win” kind of thing, readers. Get in there and dig the greatness of those old ads.

- - - -

INSPIRATION: Happy 90th Birthday Mr. Mandela. I was listening to some NPR late last night on the way home and they were talking about the one image of Mandela during his time in prison, which was smuggled out by an inmate, and how strong he looked in it, and resolute, and focused, amidst all the uncertainty and despair. Fascinating. History.

- - - -

ALL THOSE FRENCH ACCENTS FREAK ME OUT, BUT I WON’T BE MISSING THIS ONE: Man On Wire. (Via the wire-walkers of 400 North May in Chicago.)

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That van makes me want to go ahead and just put the fucking lotion in the basket.

Posted by: DB on 07/19/08 at 6:00 AM
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