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July 16, 2008
Downhill Slope
Posted at 10:34 AM


Harry and his gal are in town from Sweden for a couple days. Long way away, man. They are seeing the sights, laying low and enjoying what Portland’s got to offer. Many apologies for being “busy as shit” when “someone worth hanging out with comes into town.” Shit. Don’t hate me.

Anyway, at some point they are heading out to the ocean, or maybe they already have, or man, I gotta get out of the shop. Anyway, when you go up to Astoria, be sure to look for the Karol Lee’s sign above on the way up in Rainer, Ore. So good. One of my favorites up in that neck of the woods. (Not sure who tool the shot above, so I don’t have any photosmith to link to. Sorry. )

- - - -

WALKING UNDER LADDERS: Not one for too lit up by superstition, I do find myself a little nervous to decalre that “things are going well” with the production of the mag. Late last night I passed the halfway point of the page count, to zero fanfare, not so much as a fuckin’ peep from any one of my so-called colleagues.

- - - -

FOR THE TUBEPUMPERS WHO READ THIS BLOG: An impressive collection of Tube Badges that you just can’t pass up. I’ll get specific: Bart out in Boise, this link is for you, man. Be careful out there on the streets.

Yep, yep and yeah!

And man, if this one doesn’t just make you want to quit yer job and go biking around town like Kevin Bacon in Quicksilver, fuck, I don’t know what does. (Special goddammed thanks to Nate back in Wisconsin. Heck yeah, man!)

- - - -

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT ORANGE WAS AN AGREEABLE COLOR: A collection of the Worst General Lee rigs ever. The Ford Tempo takes the cake. (Via Chris Glass’ Deal, who we’re hoping will join us for a spell in the Ohio section of the World’s Longest Yard Sale.)

WON’T ME MISSING THIS ONE FOR ANYTHING: The Rockafire Explosion Movie. (Thanks, Vin. We’ll go together.)

- - - -

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Did you ever get a bike? If you ever come though these parts again you better stop so that I can hook you up with one. I have Peugeot PX-10 here that could turn you into a Cutter in no time.

Posted by: bart on 07/16/08 at 3:27 PM
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