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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 15, 2008
DDC Sweat Season: Hump Day
Posted at 11:32 AM


BARELY CREEPING BY: And today is “Hump Day for the Summer.” Basically, June, July and August are the hot months that make me sweat, so, today is a special day. It marks the halfway point in the “DDC Sweat Season.” Halfway through the gauntlet. Halfway to a threeway. There’s no specific link to attach to this section, but, we just ask you to think about summer, and how fuckin’ fast it goes, and, how some of us kinda enjoy that. Say what you will.

- - - -

SO IT GOES: Busier than hell, operating completely inside a virtual InDesign world, sweating page numbers, gutters, margins, overprints and other page-related issues. Sunrise to sunset, and into the wee hours. This is how I make my living when I work on Snowboard Mag. Take it or leave it.

- - - -

HUMOR, I GUESS: Funny guy Chad Riley, in between assisting none other than super photographer Annie Liebowitz, finds a little down time in between security checks for shots involving Presidents, Presidential Candidates, Famous Rockers, Humanitarians, Queens and shit, to lighten things up with a funny-ass removable hard drive.

- - - -

MANDATORY GRID CONTEMPLATING: Some Josef Müller Brockmann to get you fired up, and everything aligned, with the most amazing hierarchy. Learn something here, people. (Via the Gridmasters of the Coudal Partners, Chicago, Ill.)

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