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July 31, 2008
One Week Out
Posted at 09:45 AM

One week out from our “World’s Longest Yard Sale” adventure. Excited as hell.

SOME NEWS REGARDING A WELCOMED LATE ADDITION: My buddy Jess Gibson signed on and will be along for the ride documenting the whole mess. Moving pictures, people, moving pictures. Some call it, “Footage.” So good. Maybe we’ll make a little something out of it? When threatened with the possibility of “being on camera” a always-cocksure Evan Rose of Long Beach had this to say, “Do you know how good I look on film?” I guess we need to take his word for it.

Fellas, get ready. Shit goes down in a week.

- - - -

ON MY DAD: In unrelated, but kinda-related matters, the word from the parents is that “Everything is cool with Dad” back in Michigan. He had a couple procedures, some tests and some regulating of his plumbing. I spoke to dad on the way to work this morning, to see how his spirits were. “I feel little woozy, kid,” he says, “but don’t worry, I’m gonna be around for a little longer.” Thanks, pops. You really know how to set a son at ease.

He also shared a little on his big moment before “going under” for his jump start. “I was surrounded by all these doctors and nurses, right? Must’ve been 10 of them. They’re starting my sedative and I’m fading fast. So I grab Doctor Smith and ask him if I could get a second opinion. He leans in and says, “Yes Jim, you’re entitled to that.” Everyone is looking at me, right? I’m real sleepy at this point. “Great,” I say. Then I tell them about how I asked my other doctor, Doctor Warner, for a second opinion a week earlier and he said, “Sure, you’re ugly.” Then I passed out.”

That’s how he does it. Can’t wait to see you, Dad.

- - -

ONE OF THOSE LINKS WHERE YOU DON’T IF YOU SHOULD JUST QUIT OR SOMETHING DRASTIC: Jessica Hische does beautiful work, and man, we are instantly fans. Amazing type. Get in there. From the big city. Smart as hell. Wow. (Brought to our attention by Hutchinson, Minnesota’s own Jesse Kcazmarek.)

- - - -

GONNA BE A REAL ART SHOW, WITH REAL ARTISTS: “Stapled & Torn: Poster Show” over at NemoDesign! Proud as hell. See you there, Friday night. Heck yes. Chantry, Wolfe, Stout? You gotta be kidding me. Some pretty serious greatness going on there. Some serious talent to be bumping elbows with. I hope I don’t let you down.

- - - -

A RECENT PURCHASE WE MADE: The Numbers collection from Hoefler. Happy as hell with it. Gorgeous. Spend a little time at their site and see how typography should be handled. Masters of the type universe. So much to be learned with these guys. You gotta be sharp when you use these! Savor them.

- - - -

ANOTHER ONE FROM THE THOROUGH AL Q: “Radio Station Letterheads of the ’50s.” Mandatory viewing on this one, guys.

- - - -

FROM THE CITY OF LIGHTS: West Hollywood’s own Design Nomad shares her amazing set of Childcraft books here. Get in good and close on those cover illustrations. So good. Thanks!

There Are 4 Comments

ran across your site today through boingboing- love it! cant WAIT to see pics and read about your adventure. Sounds like a blast. Ill be back soon!

Posted by: jenni on 07/31/08 at 12:07 PM

Numbers - Depot.

Posted by: Matthew Stiffler on 07/31/08 at 1:46 PM

Saw the hippies at boingboing linked you up and almost even got your name right, congrats man.

And also I am fucking jealous of this road trip, I hope to see extensive documentation.

Posted by: DB on 07/31/08 at 5:05 PM

Route 127 takes you straight through the illustrious neighborhood of Northside in Cincinnati, home of Shake It Records, with a basement full of vinyl, and The Comet, which serves up a decent burrito. If you guys would like a tour guide, I’d be happy to oblige!

Posted by: Grace on 08/01/08 at 8:06 AM
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